Standard terms for sale/purchase via the Crystalhealthclub website with effect from


The following terms lay out the order, means and conditions of purchases and sales via a website,

belonging to “DERMASTRONG” Ltd. These terms represent a sale/purchase contract between

“DERMASTRONG” Ltd and the client.

Within the meaning of these standard terms the following concepts are used with these meanings:

1. Seller – “DERMASTRONG” Ltd is a trading company with personal identification code:

204694428; Based and located on the following address: Bulgaria, Municipality of Pazardzhik,

city of Pazardzhik, 18 Theophil Beykov str. email: , supplying complete

therapy with non-pharmaceutical products /cosmetics/ online, via a website.

2. Therapy – includes consumables: 90 pillows, two types of plasters, a kit of files, two types of

ointment and usage instructions for the therapy in the context of the treatment of skin

conditions on the legs, which cause hyperkeratosis. The ointment isn’t medicine, but rather a

cosmetic product; along with the consumables and in adherence with the treatment guidelines

it is a therapy for the treatment of skin conditions. The therapy guarantees a 99% success rate

in the treatment of skin conditions which cause hyperkeratosis. Propolis is an active ingredient

in the cream, which consists of a mixture of sap, wax and pollen, enriched with enzymes and

subjected to lacto acidic fermentation in the bees’ digestive systems. Propolis contains

vitamins, ethereal oils, mineral salts, micro elements, hormones and ferments, and consists of

100% biological matter. The ointment “Corn and callus cream” contains a small amount of


3. Client – every certain or legal person, which uses Crystalhealthclub’s website in any way,

including, but not limited to browsing it, placing orders, purchasing, making returns, etc.

4. Order – an electronic document, representing a communication form between seller and

buyer, by which the Buyer signifies to the Seller, via the website, their intent to purchase the

therapy. It is mandatory that the client fills in their names, exact address, phone number and

e-mail address.

5. Newsletter – a means of periodic notifying of the services, goods and promotions put on offer

by the Seller, sent digitally by e-mail or SMS, without it committing or determining the

responsibility of the Seller, concerning the information contained therein.

6. Transaction – the act in part of the Seller of reimbursing a sum to the Buyer, following the

breakage or incompletion of a sale/purchase contract made on the website, taking place only

via bank transfer.

7. The website is a virtual store – website with the following domain:

I. General statements

1.1. The seller provides the client with the opportunity of purchasing the proposed via the website

complete therapy via the application of a request /order/ and the payment of the corresponding

listing price, in accordance by part of the Client to the current general terms.

1.2. The sales contract between Seller and Buyer is considered as concluded as of the moment of

confirmation of the request /order/ placed by the Client.

1.3. The standard terms of the Seller are mandatory for all parties. Any usage of this site implies

that you’ve carefully perused and acquainted yourself with the standard terms of its usage and

agree to follow them unconditionally.

1.4. The standard terms may be changed or updated solely by the Seller at any time. The

aforementioned changes/updates are put into effect immediately and apply to all users /clients/.

1.5. The seller possesses the right to establish changes to the standard terms at will or if they’re

required by a legal act that’s gone into power. It is possible that they have a retroactive effect in

regards to the prearranged and previously fulfilled orders.

1.6. In every instance of a change occurring within the standard terms the Seller will notify the

Clients via a publication in the website. In that scenario you as a Client have an obligation to keep

track of eventual changes in the standard terms of the website.

1.7. If any of the aforementioned provisions of the standard terms of use for this website turn out

to be illegitimate or non applicable, regardless of the reason, that does not imply the illegitimacy

or the non application of the rest.

1.8. The Seller puts serious effort into keeping the information on the website up to date. Despite

that, taking into account the possible technical errors or omissions in said information, the Seller

clarifies that the images of the products are of an informative and suggestive nature. Therefore,

the products, received upon delivery may differ from said images, due to a change in their

characteristics or design.

1.9. All goods, including the ones subject to promotions or price reductions, are sold and

delivered until stocks are exhausted, even if that isn’t explicitly stated in the website.

1.10. The website may contain links to other websites, the Seller is not responsible for the policies

and privacy of websites that they do not administer, nor for any information contained therein.

II. Order

2.1. The client may place Orders in the website via the addition of the desired amount of therapies

in the shopping cart, while following the steps explained therein, to the end of finalizing and

sending in the Order.

2.2. The Client places an order as a guest, in which case a registered account in the website is

not necessary. In this case they fill in all required information, tied to the means of payment and

the means of delivery.

2.3. Every Therapy added to the shopping cart is available for purchase within the confines of the

available stock. The addition of a Therapy to the shopping cart without the order being finalized

does not lead to the registration of the order and therefore does not insure that said product will

be available for purchase at a later date.

2.4. The Seller accepts responsibility for delivery only of a single count of an ordered product. The

rest of the ordered amount of the same product will be confirmed in accordance with the available


2.5. The Client commits to and is considered responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of all

data, presented in relation to the purchase, which they have made via the complete order sent to

the Seller, as of the time of the purchase.

2.6. With the placement of the order the Client allows the Seller to connect with them via any

means possible, if that happens to be in relation to the contract or the purchase. In the event that

the Client has agreed to these standard conditions without having completed their order , the

Seller has the right to contact them via the provided telephone number or e-mail address.

2.7. The seller has the right to cancel the Order placed by the Client, in which case they have to

notify the Client. The cancelation of the Order doesn’t imply any responsibility or any following

obligation of either party in relation to the other parties and consequently neither of them has the

right of requiring compensation for the cancellation from the other under the following


• The Client data presented via the site is incomplete or incorrect.

• The ordered stock isn’t available at the time of the order.

2.8. In the event that the Client would like to back out of the contract within the cancellation

period provided by the seller, the aforementioned takes on the responsibility of returning the

prepaid goods within 14 (fourteen) days of the date on which the Seller has received the

notification from the buyer that they are backing out of the contract and that the Therapy would

be returned to the Seller. The sum will be returned as follows: after the return of the Therapy in the

condition that it was sold in, without having been used.

NB!!! In the event that the Therapy is used, the Client cannot make use of their right to break the

contract and cannot require a refund.

2.9. The Seller has the right to hold onto the payment in the event of a return until the reception of

the returned Therapy to make sure that the same is unused.

NB!!! In the event of a cancellation on the side of the Client in the scenarios described within

these standard terms, all transport and other assorted fees sustained during the returns of the

already purchased and received Therapy are due to be paid by the Client. The Therapy is to be

sent to the address stated in p.1 of these general conditions.

2.10. The only users that possess the right to returns are those subject to Directive 97/7/EC of the

European Parliament and the Council as of the 20th of may 1997, in relation to customer

protection in relation to distance contracts in relation to the Therapy, provided by the Seller, under

the condition that upon ordering one or multiple Therapy/ies, the packaging of the assorted

consumables hasn’t been broken and they have been unused, the containers of the creams have

been unopened and/or the creams haven’t been used.

2.11. In the event that an ordered and already paid-for therapy by part of the Client cannot be

delivered/supplied by the Seller, the Seller shall notify the Client and is to reimburse the Client’s

money within 14 (fourteen) days as of the date on which the Seller has established said fact or as

of the date, on which the Client has clearly stated their desire to break the contract.

2.12. The seller does not guarantee the availability of the ordered goods. In the event of an

inability to fulfill their obligations due to the lack of the ordered amount of stock, the Seller

accepts the responsibility to notify the Client and to reimburse them at the soonest possible time.

2.13. In the moment of the placement of an Order, the Client expresses their agreement with these

standard conditions via the marking of the “I accept these terms and conditions” field, by which

they agree via the means of an electronic statement, that they will accept and abide by these



3.1. Via the registration of an Order in the website, the Buyer agrees to receive the Therapy from

the Seller in exchange for payment.

3.2. The Seller will send you a notification for the placement of the order in their system, which

cannot be interpreted as a confirmation, an acceptance or as an obligation to its fulfillment. This

notification is to be made by the Seller via means of an e-mail or via telephone, after payment for

the ordered goods by part of the Client.

3.3. The sale/purchase distance contract between the Seller and the Client is considered in power

as of the moment of reception by part of the Client, of an e-mail, containing a notification by part

of the Seller, that they are ready to send the Therapy and that the same is paid for.

3.4. The sale/purchase contract, signed by the Client and the Seller, contains these general

conditions and the claimed and provided information by the Seller in their website.


4.1. All prices, indicated in the website are in Euro and are valid solely as of the moment of their

publication, the Seller retains their right to change them at will and without warning at any time,

excluding in the case of orders that have already been confirmed. Transportation fees are

included in the shipping price, so the Client isn’t due to pay any additional transportation fees for

the delivery to their stated address.

4.2. The Seller will issue an invoice to the Client for the ordered and delivered stock/the services

rendered in accordance with the information, provided by the Client.


5.1. In the event that the required stock is available, the same is delivered to the address stated

by the Client within 14 /fourteen/ days.

5.2. The timeframe indicated in the previous point commences at the moment in which the stock

is paid for and the shipping has been confirmed.

5.3. The stock is delivered in appropriate packaging, in accordance to its looks and the means of


5.4. In the event of an incorrect, incomplete or false address and/or telephone number being

stated in the placement of a shipping order, the same is considered invalid and the Seller isn’t

considered responsible for its completion. In the event that the Client does not accept/receive the

purchased Therapy, the expenses incurred for shipping to their address are due to be paid by


5.5. In the event that the Client doesn’t prepay the due sum for the order, the Seller isn’t

considered to be responsible for the delivery of said stock.


6.1. The stock is given to the Client or a third party, which receives and confirms its reception in

the name of the Client, by signing the assorted documents. The transfer of the stock will be

confirmed by the signature of the Client upon the transport manifesto provided by the courier.

6.2. In the event that the Client is not found within the delivery timeframe on the address they

provided, or that appropriate conditions for the delivery of the stock are not established, not

because of a fault on the Seller’s side, the latter is freed of their obligation to deliver the requested

stock. In that event the sales contract is automatically terminated and the transfer fees are due by

the Client.

VII. Backing out of a signed contract and reimbursing the costs sustained.

7.1. On the basis of Directive 97/7/EC of the European parliament and the Council of the 20th of

May 1997 in relation to customer protection in relation to the distance contracts, whoever

possesses the qualities of a customer by means of the former, has the right to, within a 14 /

fourteen/ day time period of the completion of the delivery of the Therapy, return the requested

stock and back out of the contract without owing a fee and without stating a reason, under the

following circumstances:

1. The client has previously informed the Seller in text on this e-mail address:, that they are backing out of the contract; it is mandatory that they

have stated when they will return the stock, and that that date does not exceed the 14 /

fourteen/ day time frame after the notification. The stock can only be returned by the Client on

the following address: Bulgaria, municipality of Pazardzhik, city of Pazardzhik, 18 Theofil

Beykov str. – DERMASTRONG Ltd office. The sum paid by the client is returned into the

account which was used for payment after a thorough examination and the acceptance of the

returned stock by part of the Seller. The latter will be accepted only if it has not already been

used and traces of usage are not present.

2. The stock is sent/returned by the Client in person.

3. The original packaging and stickers are undamaged. The creams are unused.

4. All transportation and other assorted fees as far as the return of the stock is concerned are

entirely due to be paid by the Client. Until the moment of reception of the returned goods by

the Seller, all responsibility as far as the integrity and condition of the stock is concerned rests

on the Client.


8.1. Personal data protection. Through the acceptance of these general conditions the Client

gives his complete and unconditional consent, until further notice, to his personal data being

collected, stored, processed and used by the Seller and/or authorized third parties, including, but

not limited to: courier services, banks, etc, for the purposes of the completion of the distance sale

contract and the delivery of the ordered stock, marketing and advertising and analysis by

“DERMASTRONG” Ltd, participation in games, promotions and raffles organized by the company,

the distribution of newsletters, as well as all manners of other purposes that aren’t prohibited by

law. The user/Client may be informed at any time that their data is being used or processed by the

Seller as well as for what purpose it’s being used.

8.2. The Client has no right to make public declarations, announcements or any other type of

public revelations in relation to the Order or the Contract without a pre-arranged written

agreement by part of the Seller. The Seller retains their right to defend their rights and interests in



9.1. Returns of stock purchased from the online store are to be placed on the following e-mail


9.2. Upon receiving the stock the Client is required to immediately inspect it. If they find any

damages or discrepancies or an absence of one of the assorted accessories, they should inform

the party carrying out delivery immediately. In that event a protocol is made in two identical

copies, which are signed by the receiving party and the representative of the courier service. The

missing stock is due to be described clearly in the protocol.

9.3. In the event that the Client doesn’t make a return at that moment or he doesn’t sign a

protocol, the former loses their right to claim that their stock arrived damaged or with parts of it

missing at a later date.


10.1. The Seller concerns themselves with the actuality and accuracy of the information on the

website; further information can be received via a request to the following e-mail:

10.2. The seller does not guarantee that the access to the website will be uninterrupted,

immediate, secure and free of errors, as long as that’s outside the control, ability and desire of the


10.3. The Seller guarantees the integrity of the information containing personal client data. Its

compromise is only possible in the event where such information is required by the government or

parties authorized by law to require and collect information containing personal data. Via the

acceptance of these general conditions, the Client gives their timeless and unconditional consent

to their data being collected, stored, processed and used by the Seller for the purposes of the

completion of the sale/purchase contract and delivery of the ordered Therapy and to receive the


10.4. These standard conditions are in power as of the moment of their publication. The Seller

retains their right to change them at any time, by publishing those changes in their website, as

well as a message mentioning the changes.

The active law of the Republic of Bulgaria applies for all conditions not mentioned within these

general conditions. In the event that consensus is not achieved, the problem is to be solved by

the competent court in the Republic of Bulgaria.

IMPORTANT!!! In a very small part of cases of the Client suffering from an acute form of

diabetes, a side effect may occur in result of the salicyl content off the creams – rashes on

the skin. In that event, immediately cease the Therapy and inform the Seller so that they

may correct the cream. The Seller must be informed in all events of an allergic reaction.

These standard conditions are conceived in accordance with Directive 97/7/EC of the European

Pariliament and the Council concerning customer protection, concerning distance contracts;

Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and the Council concerning the general safety


COUNCIL of the 30th of November 2009 regarding cosmetic products.

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