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Zinobiotic x2 Kit


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(13 customer reviews)


Kit containing Zinbiotic, a unique blend of 8 natural dietary fibers that metabolize in the colon, supporting the growth of friendly bacteria, promoting healthy bowel functions, reducing feelings of bloating and balancing cholesterol levels.

13 reviews for Zinobiotic x2 Kit

  1. Zhana Trifonova

    A wonderful product that is good for maintaining the healthy levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. A really great product to keep yourself healthy.

  2. Вангел

    Very good product. It’s helping to balance the cholesterol levels.

  3. Elena Dimitrova

    Good product!

  4. Ralica Yordanova

    I recommend it. This is a product that maintains normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  5. Елена Грудева-нов профил

    It is very good product. Zinc is one of most importanat elements to our immune system. I like it. I recommend

  6. Ivanka Petrova

    Veri good product

  7. Елена Грудева-нов профил

    It is a very good product. I recommend zinobiotic. Its helps you immune system and your intestinal flora

  8. Lachezar

    I have been using it for more than a month now and I am very happy with the result. At the beginning I was quite skeptical and I didn’t believe it would work, but after a week the result is already visible. I highly recommend!

  9. Miroslava Todorova

    These eight unique ingredients help our intestinal flora. Without bloated stomachs and a feeling of heaviness. I recommend with both hands💯👍

  10. Petya Zhekova

    This product is the best

  11. Mihaela N

    A year ago I started having stomachache. The reason was my diet – it constisted of a lot of unhelathy things such as cakes, chocolate, chips, burgers. Then I went to a doctor and the first thing he prescripted me was Zinobiotic. He explained to me the meaning of healthy bacteria growing inside the bowels. Due to eating junk food my bad bacteria was more than the good bacteria. I buyed Zinbiotic and started it immediately. After only two days I felt better and after a week I didn’t feel any pain at all and I was full of energy. A year later I still take Zinobiotic every day in order to be healthy inside and out.

  12. Iliyana Miteva

    good product, I forgot about the other probiotics. I recommend.

  13. Daniela Galenova

    the product is simply unique with great action

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