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(19 customer reviews)
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VIP food supplement is entirely built on herbal and nature products.It is a modern and efficient way to improve erectile function,premature squirting and reduced libido.This herbal food supplement you will improve your and your partner`s living comfort,no matter how old you are.It is suitable for all ages.VIP effectively improves psychological state of anybody taking it during both the foreplay and the sexual act.It totally changes sexual satisfaction and pleasure.This product meets all herb processing requirements.Herbs that have proved to be efficient, towards the effect needed in human development, are used –better erection and higher sexual activity in men and increasing sexual desire in women.These herbs are processed by milling and are dissolved in honey(natural honey and honey products),which is the actual product.The problem of potency and keeping a full sexual life turned out to be a major modern life problem,caused by certain lifestyle-computerization,automation,reduced physical activity,busy and unhealthy lifestyle,irregular eating,weak food,alcohol,tobacco and other drugs-all leading to reduced libido ,low sex drive and low sexual power.The last 50-60 years many chemical products have been created, that work upon different organs and body systems,controlling the erectile dysfunction(based on testicle and brain functions).21 century is the time when pharmaceutic industry turned back to natural products,which have proved to be worthy.Our VIP product is exclusively produced with proven herbs.Thus we present you a natural product.VIP herbal food supplement men`s erectile function.It has a highly stimulating effect,increases the ability to perform a full sexual intercourse and and arouses sexual interest.

19 reviews for Vip Power Box

  1. Гергана

    Добър продукт на изгодна цена

  2. Вангел

    Продукта е супер и е достъпен от всички

  3. Iliyana Miteva

    I recommend, it helps and the pleasure is irreplaceable. Everyone who tries it will fall in love with it.

  4. Божидара

    Препоръчвам с удоволствие.

  5. Stoyan Kostadinov

    unexpectedly good product, affordable and unique

  6. Miroslava Todorova

    Nutritional supplement, herbal equipment, which is a wonderful aid for people with reduced libido😉

  7. Ralica Yordanova

    recommend for people with reduced libido.Helps to improve sex life

  8. Елена Димитрова

    Добър продукт на добра цена.

  9. Петя Жекова

    Цена-качество: много добро.
    Голяма разфасовка на много добра цена. Много съм доволна

  10. Атанаска Панайотова

    Харесвам го страшно много, защото няма аналог на пазара. Дава ми енергия през целия ден. Препоръчвам с две ръце.

  11. Атанаска Панайотова

    Харесвам го страшно много, защото няма аналог на пазара. Дава ми енергия през целия ден. Препоръчвам с две ръце. Обожавам го.


    Due to hormonal problems, I suffered from low libido. I had no desire for sex at all. My boyfriend supports me in every way and that’s why he gave me a package of this product as a gift. I’m a little skeptical of such products, but when I saw that it was an herbal product, I knew it wouldn’t hurt. From the first week I felt a desire that I had not felt for a long time… My boyfriend and I made love 3 times in a row, and I wanted more and more. This is a unique product, I highly recommend it to people with sexual problems.

  13. Lachezar

    I use the supplement and the effect is irresistible. You will notice the difference after the second use. The price is affordable and I am impressed that it is herbal. I recommend!

  14. Mihaela Naneva

    Four months ago I was having psychological problems. They resulted in my relationship and of course, my sex life. Me and my partner stopped having sex. Then when I felt psychologicallly better, something wasn’t right sexually. The desire was not the same. I was looking through Internet and I found this product. Since it was 100% bio, I suggested trying it. My boyfriend said ‘Why not’. A month later I can tell that this product is just amazing!!! The desire is back and what’s even more suprizing – the sex is even better than before. It’s like we are at the beginning of our relationship. We are like rabbits and we are doing it several times a day.

  15. Деси

    I am amazed by the product and how it works on my body. Very good product at an affordable price. Worth it.

  16. Ева Минчева


  17. Елена Грудева-нов профил

    Need more sex-take VIP. Its delicous and sagety for your health.

  18. Ivanka Petrova

    Very good product

  19. Daniela Galenova

    Wonderful perfect

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