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Rose original shower gel 400 ml


(18 customer reviews)
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Active ingredients: natural rose oil, natural rose water, D-panthenol.
Shower gel with soft cleansing foam, refreshes, moisturizes body skin and bestows senses with pleasant bulgarian rose fragrance.
Apply on wet skin with massage movements and rinse thoroughly with water.

18 reviews for Rose original shower gel 400 ml

  1. Matilda

    The power of rose oil! wonderful product!

  2. Iliyana Miteva

    favorite fragrance, with good results. Just number one.

  3. Zhana

    Using shower gel with rose oil is the best solution for dry skin. It makes skin soft. Really great product.

  4. Олга Бакалска

    Стана ми любим,дълготраен аромат,кожата е хидратирана,гладка и мека.

  5. Ralica Yordanova

    great shower gel. moisturizes the skin and gives it the scent of roses

  6. Miroslava Todorova

    Both rose body oil and shower gel with natural rose oil are ideal for achieving perfectly soft and velvety skin. 💯 I recommend

  7. Вангел

    The product is awesome and have unique smell on roses

  8. Петя Жекова

    Моят любим продукт! Кожата ми става мека,хидратирана и ухае прекрасно на нежния аромат на роза дълго време!

  9. Елена Димитрова

    Невероятен аромат.Кожата става мека и нежна

  10. Атанаска Панайотова

    Уникален аромат на роза. Страшно много ми харесва. Кожата ми става гладка и мека. Чувствам се страхотно след използването му, защото ароматът му се усеща дълготрайно.


    This shower gel is amazing, I adore it. My skin becomes soft and tender, and smells like a rose for hours. I rarely find such a quality product, I recommend it to everyone.

  12. Lachezar

    One of the best shower gels I’ve had! It’s not drying and it foams decently. It is a little pricy but worth it. The color suits the scent very well. I have dry sensitive skin and am so pleased that it doesn’t dry out my skin at all. Recommended!

  13. Mihaela Naneva

    My most favourite shower gel!!! I have been using it for 4 years now and it’s wonderful. The aroma of Bulgarian roses… It’s incomparable! My skin smells amazing after every bath and it is so smooth. I have never felt better in my skin.

  14. Деси

    I want to express my opinion about the shower gel. I love roses and when I saw this shower gel without thinking I ordered a really unique product and at an affordable price it is also quite economical one drop is enough for one bath. It is unique I recommend it to relatives and girlfriends.

  15. Ева Минчева

    Много съм доволна

  16. Елена Грудева-нов профил

    The Bulgarian oil-bearing rose is famous for its aroma all over the world. This shower gel gives you a piece of Bulgaria. It takes you to the heart of the Rose Valley and gives you some of our sunshine. Great product, delicate fragrance.

  17. Ivanka Petrova

    Very good product

  18. Daniela Galenova

    This is amazing so good for my body

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