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Dermastrong footcare package


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Hyperkeratosis – Hyper meaning excess (from Greek) and Keratin is the main structural protein that forms skin, hair and nails. It is a process that thickens the outer layer of the skin as a part of the immune systems normal response against rubbing, pressure and other forms of local irritation like foot warts.

The natural body’s response to pressure is to protect the affected area. It generally will lay down more skin to try to protect the structures involved, however, the skin has poor cushioning properties and as more pressure is applied, more skin is laid down.




In case of the foot wart, the process is similar however much more dangerous. The organism responds to

the irritation that the wart causes by creating excessive skin around it (verrucal keratosis). This combined with the pressure from walking is causing extreme pain and stress to your organism. The body reacts to the stress by producing more skin that causes even more pressure forming a very dangerous dead skin production cycle. This process is called by many specialist Intractable Plantar Keratosis (IPK).

Dermastrong Callus and Corn Removal Therapy

Shows excellent results in the following cases:

1.Persistent painful calluses

2.Hard, soft and seeded corns

3.Common and plantar foot warts caused by the Human Papilloma Virus(HPV)

4.Intractable plantar keratosis.

5.Foot skin mutations caused by aggressive interventions such as acid and laser burnings, or unsuccessful surgery.

15 reviews for Dermastrong footcare package

  1. Гергана Радослава Тодорова

    Стархотен продукт!

  2. Деси

    I really like the package and I recommended it to my friends who were surprised.


    A wonderful product. I successfully healed my cracked heels. I recommend it!

  4. Елена Димитрова

    Много добър продукт с невероятен ефект.

  5. Живко

    Невероятен ефект

  6. Iliyana Miteva

    Препоръчвам,невероятен е

  7. Атанаска Панайотова

    Наистина има ефект, доволна съм.

  8. Petia Jekova

    Заслужава си! Цена-качество: най-доброто на пазара

  9. Veneta Rasheva

    Great foot care. We women love to be pampered and supported. This is definitely my kit!

  10. Стоян Костадинов

    Наистина страхотен продукт, приятелката ми остана много доволна!

  11. Ralica Yordanova

    Страхотен продукт и невиждан ефект.

  12. Гергана

    Препоръчвам го на всички

  13. Miroslava Todorova

    Перфектни стъпала с перфектния комплект за крака😉

  14. Lachezar

    Продуктът е на топ ниво и силно съм впечатлен от резултатът.

  15. Елена Грудева -нов профил

    It s the best.

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