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    Cream Comfort


    1. Why is Comfort Cream special?

    Real progress in alleviating this type of problems

    Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum. When the walls of these vessels dilate, they become irritated. Although hemorrhoids can be painful and uncomfortable, they can be prevented. As they usually worsen over time, doctors recommend treatment as soon as they appear.

    We’ve talked to many people who have tested a number of common and affordable hemorrhoid ointments, as well as tingling agents, who say their effects are short-lived.

    Therefore, when developing the formula of Cream Comfort, we set a goal to get a product with maximum efficiency. It is a cosmetic product containing mostly natural ingredients. It can be used both as a necessity and prophylactically, for a long time, as it does not contain harmful ingredients. Our clients, who have been suffering from hemorrhoids for more than 30 years, tested Comfort Cream and said that they managed to find the necessary dose of relief with it and that they “returned their lives to its normal rhythm”. Since 2019, a large number of people with these problems use Comfort Cream and confirm the incredible contribution of this product to alleviate the problem.

    A tube of Cream Comfort will last 6-12 months.

    I feel cured! 

    Posted by Ian G. on June 2, 2020

    I have had fissures and itching for many years and I NEVER found the right solution to my problems. Until I found Cream Comfort. I only needed three applications and I felt real relief. If you are skeptical about the product, please listen to me – doctors say that there is no cure for anal itching, but I will say that it is not true, because Comfort Cream certainly feels like a real cure.

    Excellent product 

    Posted by S.K. on May 29, 2020

    I found relief from the burning sensation on the second day of use. Great product.



    2.Why do we consider the use of Cream Comfort to be a great and important progress in the field?

    -Volunteers who tested the product during its development categorically stated that Comfort Cream is ideal for application to the specified areas and for the specified purposes. They confirm that they have received soothing from itching, tightening, and smoothing of the skin, complete refreshment, and a feeling of comfort. Dozens of them say that of all the other ointments and creams they have used so far, Comfort Cream is the only one that brought them such relief.


    3.Does Comfort Cream help with hemorrhoids?

    -Many consumers say that Cream Comfort manages to calm them down. The feedback from people with anal fissures and itching when using Cream Comfort is similar!

    Although further research is needed, current research shows that the ingredients in the Cream Comfort formula have the power to deal with inguinal problems.



    4.Does Cream Comfort help with anal fissures?

    -An anal fissure is a rupture in the lining of the anal canal or a rupture in the anus. The rupture often exposes a muscle around the anus called the anal sphincter. Damage can lead to muscle spasm, which can tear the fissure even more. Spasms can cause pain and slow healing. The biggest obstacle to the healing of anal fissures is the movement of the intestines, which cannot be stopped. Due to this fact, some fissures can heal in a few weeks. However, if your fissures do not heal within 3 months, it is advisable to contact a doctor.

    Strict adherence to the instructions that you will receive with each order of Cream Comfort, as well as the maintenance of soft stools, will give you a high chance of success. A thin layer of Comfort Cream is placed around the anus and at its edges, but never injected or inserted deep into the rectum.



    5.Will Comfort Cream help me if my problem is inflammation on the anal skin?

    -Yes! Feedback from our customers, who not only experience itching to varying extents, but also those who feel unbearable burning, manage to relieve themselves with Comfort Cream.

    Each of the carefully selected active ingredients used in the Comfort Cream formula alleviates anal discomfort.


    6.Does the product deal with anal itching at night?

    -The answer is yes! This is one of the most frequently asked questions, as most people experience worsening of itching in the evening, so you are not alone. Feedback from our customers indicates that most customers experienced relief immediately . It is important to note that in more severe cases, temporary relief is experienced after 1-4 weeks.


    7.Is Comfort Cream safe?

    -Comfort Cream is a cosmetic product created on the basis of natural active ingredients, developed by scientists from IGIC – BAS. It does not contain steroids or lidocaine, so it can be used for a long time.


    8.Do I need to consult a doctor before buying the product?

    -Comfort Cream is a cosmetic product, so you do not need a doctor’s prescription for its use. For your peace of mind, you can show its active ingredients to your doctor.

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