In the basket you will see the final amount of your order, including VAT and the delivery amount. This is the final price you have to pay.

You can pay for the items you ordered with the following debit / credit cards:




You cannot use Diners Club and American Express cards through our online platform or POS terminal in a physical store. When you pay by credit card, you are protected from theft / misuse without personal risk. The protection of your credit card guarantees you a refund of the full amount from your creditor.

Your payment is made through a secure and encrypted connection that ensures that your personal information cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third party. Your payment is guaranteed by our financial intermediary. We guarantee that we will not store any part of your credit card information on our server. Therefore, USC BUL does not have access to any part of this information.

You will need to enter the following information:

Card number (16 digits printed on the front of the card)

Expiry date (printed on the front of the card)

Security code (3-digit code printed on the back of the card above the magnetic stripe, far right)