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What is CASH ON DELIVERY2021-08-14T16:40:58+00:00

You can choose payment upon delivery, and you will pay an additional fee for the service.

When you complete and submit your order, you will receive an email confirming your order. This confirmation contains information on:

Your order

shipping address

payment method

expected delivery date

due amount

contact information for JYSK Customer Service

our return and exchange rules and consumer protection rights

Your order is only an offer to buy from us. Please note that this email confirming your order is not considered a final acceptance of your order by USK BUL.

Nothing we do or say will accept your offer until we send you an email notifying you that we have prepared and sent the items for you. At this point, a contract will be concluded between you as a buyer and us as a trader for the sale of the items you have ordered.

You can return or replace your purchase at any time. For the return or exchange of one or more items purchased by us, it is mandatory to provide an original receipt issued for their purchase. The receipt contains the LPG (Unique Sales Number), which must be reflected in the reversal document issued for the return or exchange of items. The reversal document contains at least those specified in Art. 26, para 1, items 1 – 11 (Ordinance N-18 of NRA) requisites, as well as number, date and time of issuance of the fiscal / system voucher, on the occasion of which the reversal document is issued, the reason for the reversal operation and inscription “CANCEL”.

We will refund the full amount without time limit for returning items for which you have an original receipt or invoice. The items must be new, unused, in original packaging and in commercial form. This applies to items purchased online.

It is important to us that you are protected while shopping. We comply with the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection 2018.

We do not store your personal information, except as required by law.

At any time you can:

file a complaint to a control body (Commission for Personal Data Protection)

request access as well as correction or deletion of your personal data

restrict or prohibit the processing and use of your personal data

require data transfer, if applicable

Please note that the level of personal data protection in force and applicable in countries outside the European Union does not currently correspond to the level of personal data protection in force and applicable within the European Union.

You can request a copy of your personal data in a structured, frequently used and computer-compatible format by contacting Customer Service.

How to pay2021-08-14T16:39:49+00:00

In the basket you will see the final amount of your order, including VAT and the delivery amount. This is the final price you have to pay.

You can pay for the items you ordered with the following debit / credit cards:




You cannot use Diners Club and American Express cards through our online platform or POS terminal in a physical store. When you pay by credit card, you are protected from theft / misuse without personal risk. The protection of your credit card guarantees you a refund of the full amount from your creditor.

Your payment is made through a secure and encrypted connection that ensures that your personal information cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third party. Your payment is guaranteed by our financial intermediary. We guarantee that we will not store any part of your credit card information on our server. Therefore, USC BUL does not have access to any part of this information.

You will need to enter the following information:

Card number (16 digits printed on the front of the card)

Expiry date (printed on the front of the card)

Security code (3-digit code printed on the back of the card above the magnetic stripe, far right)

How can I become Dermastrong partner?2021-08-06T21:53:36+00:00

You can become our partner with few simple steps. Start by filling the application form below.

Can I have a consultation before starting the therapy?2021-08-06T21:52:51+00:00

Yes, you can always contact our international team of professionals at any time. Below you can find a link to our contact page where you can leave your contact details and upload clear photos of your callus and we will come back to you in 24 hours.

How long do I have to use the therapy?2021-08-06T21:52:28+00:00

Usually it takes around 6 weeks, however the process is strictly individual. Factors such us age, how long you have the callus for, did you have previous unsuccessful interventions and others will prolong the time. 

What results can I expect by starting the therapy?2021-08-06T21:52:08+00:00

The therapy starts to work from the day one, eliminates the pain, relieves the stress of the body and cuts the process of hyperkeratosis, however we prefer our actions to speak for themselves. You can check the results that we accomplished with our previous clients here…

How much it will take from my free time?2021-08-06T21:51:50+00:00

The therapy is designed to match the busy schedule of the modern person. It will not affect your everyday life as It will take you only 20-30 min per day.

What is the best time during the day to make the procedures.2021-08-06T21:51:29+00:00

You can do the procedures at any time that suits you. We recommend to do them in the same time every day, preferably in the evenings before going to bed.

Can I do the therapy from home?2021-08-06T21:51:07+00:00

Yes, the Dermastrong care package has everything you need to complete the therapy from the comfort of your home. In the package you will find our signature propolis based formula, all the necessary consumables for your specific case and detailed instructions to guide you step by step. In addition, you will get constant support and monitoring from our team throughout the whole process.

Why should I start using the Dermastrong therapy?2021-08-06T21:50:44+00:00

The Dermastrong therapy is painless, natural, non-aggressive method that helps the body to fight the problem instead of treating it locally and temporary.

The active ingredients soften the hard skin, has antibacterial effect and boost the healthy skin regeneration process.

Why conventional methods do not always work?2021-08-06T21:50:18+00:00

Aggressive interventions such as liquid nitrogen, laser and acid burning are stressing further the already over-stressed organism. This causes the body to produce even more dead tissue and could lead to structural degeneration from over-accelerated keratosis, hypertrophy and even scleroderma.

Surgical intervention lead to open wounds that are difficult to heal and in many cases pathogenic cells may remain and the structures recover.

Do I have a callus or a corn?2021-08-06T21:49:33+00:00

The callus is a hard skin that develops in areas of skin exposed to repeated friction or pressure. Corns unlike calluses has a core that points inward, presses on nerves and causes intense pain.

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